Control Valves – Types and Differences

What are the different types of Control valves?

There are a few different types of Control valves and the one you choose for your plant will depend on which type of machinery you are running. It will also depend on the type of application you need for the valve – is it going to be working with liquid or gas – is one question you may ask.

Here at MASCOT Industrial, we design and make four main types of control valves:

What are the advantages and features of the GFLO Globe Control Valve?

These are the things that set our GFLO Globe Control Valve apart.

Does Exactly What It's Commanded to Do

  • Stiff, high-thrust cylinder actuator
  • Accurate positioning
  • High repeatability
  • Faithful response
  • Controlled, high-speed stroking action

Won't Stick and Shut Down the Process

  • Stiff, high-thrust cylinder actuator
  • Accurate positioning
  • High repeatability
  • Faithful response
  • Controlled, high-speed stroking action

Easy, Fast, and Inexpensive to Maintain

  • Top-entry servicing
  • Clamped-in seat ring
  • Evenly-compressed gasket – controlled gasket compression
  • Separable flanges
  • High degree of parts interchangeability Small, lightweight design

Won't Leak When Commanded to Close

  • High-thrust, spring-cylinder actuator
  • Self-aligning seat ring
  • Assisted shutoff from fluid pressure, cylinder spring, cylinder pressure
  • Spring fails valve to desired position, pneumatics provides additional force

Built For Toughest Service

  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • High thrust overcomes high pressures
  • Anti-cavitation and noise trim options
  • Heavy-duty plug stem
  • Factory Mutual Approved as a fuel service valve (3/4 - 3-inch)

Compact And Easy to Install

  • Cylinder actuator is smaller than comparable diaphragm actuators
  • Lower centre of gravity than comparable diaphragm actuators
  • Light weight means less pipe stress from static and dynamic loads
  • Separable end flanges allow the valve to be installed in many orientations and compensate for flange misalignment

Design Provides Lower Total Life-Time Cost

  • High interchangeability between sizes and other MASCOT products
  • Valve design minimizes requirements for stocking spare parts
  • Rugged, heavy-duty parts provide extended life
  • Actuator design allows simple, easy maintenance
MASCOT GFLO Control Valve

What are the advantages and features of the VFLO V-Ball Control Valve?

One-Piece Body

  • High performance ensures regardless of flange torque loads.
  • Seat tightness not altered by piping forces, as in two-piece bodies.
  • One leak path eliminated.

V-Notch Ball

  • Clogging reduced.
  • “V” shaped orifice exceeds 300 to 1 rangeability.
  • Anti-Cavitation trims designs are available.
  • Shearing action in fibrous fluid mediums is excellent.

Pressure Assisted / Bidirectional Seal

  • Metal seal provides greater than ANSI Class IV shutoff.
  • Soft seal achieves ANSI Class VI shutoff.

No-Shim Seal

  • Servicing and installation problems reduced.

Self-Centering Seal

  • Seal installation improved and simplified.
  • Shutoff further improved.

Thick-Walled Retainer

  • Valve’s normal service life extended in erosive environments

Flangeless Design Standard

  • Reduced cost

Integral Flange Option

  • Bolt length reduced, avoiding bolt stretch and leakage in the event of a fire

Separable Flange Option

  • Bolt length reduced, avoiding bolt stretch and leakage in the event of a fire
  • Flange bolting aligns easier

One-Piece, Large Thread, Hex Head Idler Post

Removal from corrosive service is easier


  • Standard face-to-face dimensions allow for easy field upgrading from other product lines.
  • Seat Replaceable Without Removing Ball and Shaft
  • Removal from corrosive service is easier

Shaft Serviceable from Outboard End of Valve

Bolt length reduced, avoiding bolt stretch and leakage in the event of a fire

  • Full, Uninterrupted Gasket Surface
  • Removal from corrosive service is easier

The MASCOT VFLO Also Capitalises on Established Features of VFLO Quality

Cylinder Actuator

  • High-thrust, compact, lightweight.
  • Actuator fully interchangeable with DISKFLO rotary valve actuator
  • Actuator air pressure allowable up to 150 psi

Splined Shaft

Extra strength provided with no lost motion or deadband.

  • Availability In Variety of Materials
  • Materials include carbon steel, 316 stainless steel and all Castable alloys.
MASCOT VFLO Control Valve

What are the advantages and features of the DISKFLO High Performance Butterfly Valve?

  • Bubble-tight shutoff equal to ANSI Class VI
  • Low breakout torque assures accurate throttling, even close to the seat
  • Non clogging seat design

Metal Seat Eccentric-Cammed Disc

  • Shutoff better than ANSI Class IV
  • Disc pulls out of seat immediately, preventing seat wear
  • Accurate throttling due to disc profile when rotating into the seat

Single Pivot-Point, Splined Shaft

  • Lost motion minimized between shaft and actuator

Bolted Seat Retainer

  • Uninterrupted gasket surface allows for a wide variety of gasketing

Non-Selective Disc & Shaft

  • Easier maintenance
  • Reduced cost –replace part needed, not entire assembly

Wafer Body

  • Rugged and lightweight for easy handling and maintenance
  • One body serves ANSI Classes 150, 300 and 600 in sizes 2,3,4,6 & 8
  • Industry standard MSS SP-67 permits shorter flange bolting than ball or cammed valves, increasing safety and reducing possibility of leakage

Flow Capacity

  • Capacity greater than globe, plug and cammed style Control valves

Concave Disc

  • Increased flow capacity

Disc Stop in Body

  • Prevents damage to seat due to over-stroking
  • Permits in-line disc relocation during maintenance

Wide Variety Of Packing Box Configurations

Purged bonnet and lubricator options

Fully Enclosed, Air Purged Transfer Case

  • Extra safety
  • Prevents atmospheric corrosion of actuator internals
  • Disc position indicator mounted on transfer case

DISKFLO Also Capitalizes on Established Features of MASCOT Product Lines

Cylinder Actuator

  • High thrust for high-performance throttling
  • Compact and lightweight for easier servicing and maintenance
  • Fully interchangeable with ShearStream ball valve actuator
  • Actuator air pressures allowable up to 150 psi

Wide Interchangeability

  • Spare parts stocking requirements minimized
  • Inventory costs reduced
  • Many GFLO and VFLO parts are interchangeable with DISKFLO

Availability In Variety of Materials

Carbon steel, 316 stainless steel and other alloys.

Seat Interchangeability

Metal or Teflon® seats easily installed

Spool-Type Four-Way Positioner

  • Convertible between I/P and P/P
  • Calibration and maintenance easy due to fewer parts
MASCOT DISKFLO Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

The MASCOT EFLO Eccentric Plug Control Valve has the following design features:

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Design
  • High Cv Capacity
  • High Rangeability (160:1)
  • Different Trim Sizes
  • Low Break Out Torque
  • Metal Seat – Class IV Shutoff
  • Soft Seat – Class VI Shutoff
  • High Torque actuator
  • Wide Materials Availability

What are the advantages and features of the EFLO Eccentric Plug Control Valve?

Ease Of Maintenance

  • Minimal Spare Parts Requirements
  • High Degree of Interchangeability between pressure ratings.
  • Actuators are field reversible from fail closed to open and vice versa.
  • Actuator Sizes typically cover 95% of all actuator requirements for both fail open and fail closed.

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001
  • Hydrostatic Test to ASME B16.34
  • Seat Leak Test to ASME / FCI 70-2

MASCOT Industrial engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in providing high quality equipment to the Global Continuous Process Control Industry. Our core products and services include control valves, choke valves, actuated and commodity valves, and associated equipment for both standard and severe service applications.

MASCOT’s Engineering & Manufacturing expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions to our customers’ needs with timeliness and accuracy no matter the process. We aim to exceed our expectations with Better Value highly engineered products, faster delivery (-times) on any process, offering support from first contact through to after-sales and beyond.

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