CAVFLO Cavitation Service Valves

CAVFLO Cavitation Service Valves

CAVFLO trim is used in liquid applications to protect control valves from cavitation damage. The CAVFLO trim controls where the cavitation vapor bubbles collapse keeping them away from valve components. It works by reducing the flow into many small flow streams through the carefully engineered holes in the CAVFLO trim.

The design of these holes ensures the vena contracts and the formation of cavitation vapor bubbles occurs as the flow exits the retainer. The flow streams are directed into the centre of the trim, where opposing streams collide allowing the cavitation vapor bubbles to collapse harmlessly against themselves, away from valve components.

CAVFLO trim fits standard GFLO bodies and can be supplied with =%, linear or bi-linear flow characteristics.


Body Types

Globe, Angle, 3 Way, Jacketed - Heavy Duty Industrial Design, top-entry, ease of maintenance


0.5" to 72"

Pressure Rating

ANSI CL150 to ANSI CL4500

End Connections

Integral Flange RF, RTJ, Buttweld, NPT/BSP Screwed, Socketweld, Seperable Flange, AS2129

Body Material

Carbon Steel, Chrome Moly, 316SS, 304SS, Duplex SS, Monel, Hastelloy B&C, Zirconium, Titanium, any other Exotic Alloys

Trim Material

316SS, 304SS, Alloy 6, 416SS, 440SS, Bronze, Monel 400, Alloy 20, Duplex SS, Hastelloy B & C, Inconel, Zirconium, Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic

Shut off class

Class IV, Class V and Class VI


Equal Percentage, Linear and Quick Open

Temperature Range

Cryogenic through to High Temperature


High Rangeability

Gland Packing

PTFE V Ring, Braided PTFE, Grafoil, Low Fugitive Emission, Fire Safe Packing

Special Trims



Pneumatic Spring Cylinder / Electric / Hydraulic

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