Why is it important for equipment suppliers to have local manufacturing capabilities?

In today's globalized economy, equipment suppliers face tough competition from their counterparts around the world. It's no longer just about providing the best products, but also about delivering them efficiently and at a lower cost. One way equipment suppliers can achieve this is by having local manufacturing capabilities. This means they can produce their products in the same market where they will be sold, rather than importing them from abroad. Here are my top ten reasons why it's essential for equipment suppliers to have local manufacturing capabilities.

Manufacturing our control valves locally isn't just about geography; it's about nurturing local talent and expertise. Our skilled workforce is a testament to the power of investing in our community and fostering the growth of industry leaders right at home.

By keeping our production close to home, we ensure that we can respond swiftly to your unique requirements. Need a customized control valve solution? Our local setup means we can collaborate closely, tailoring solutions that fit your exact needs like a glove.

With every control valve that rolls out of our facility, we're not just shaping industries; we're shaping a brighter future for our community.

Here are just some of the reasons we think suppliers can benefit from local manufacturing capabilities:

Faster Delivery Times

One of the most significant benefits of having local manufacturing capabilities is it allows equipment suppliers to reduce delivery times significantly. With local manufacturing capabilities, equipment suppliers can respond to customer needs more quickly, minimizing delivery times.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Another significant advantage of local manufacturing is it can significantly reduce shipping costs. Shipping products from overseas can be expensive, and these costs are often passed on to the end user. By manufacturing locally, equipment suppliers can avoid these costs and potentially pass on the savings to their customers


When equipment suppliers manufacture locally, they have greater control over the production process, which can enable them to offer more customization options to their customers. This is because they can quickly adapt their products to meet local requirements, regulations, and customer need.

Enhanced Quality Control

Manufacturing locally can also help equipment suppliers to maintain better quality control over their products. They can closely monitor the production process, ensuring all products meet the required standards and are free from defects.

Greater Flexibility

By manufacturing locally, equipment suppliers can quickly respond to changes in demand and adapt to market conditions. This means they can be more agile and responsive than their counterparts who manufacture overseas.

Better Communication

When equipment suppliers manufacture locally, they are better placed to communicate with their customers and understand their needs. This is because they are part of the same market, speak the same language, and understand the local culture and customs

Reduced Risk

Manufacturing locally can also help equipment suppliers to reduce their risk. When products are manufactured overseas, there is always the risk of supply chain disruptions, political instability, and currency fluctuations. By manufacturing locally, equipment suppliers can reduce these risks and ensure they have greater control over their operations.

MASCOT team members test valves in our Campbellfield facility

Increased Sustainability

Manufacturing locally can also have positive environmental benefits. By reducing shipping distances, equipment suppliers can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, which is becoming increasingly important to consumers and regulators.

Improved Reputation

When equipment suppliers manufacture locally, they can demonstrate their commitment to the local economy and support local jobs. This can improve their reputation among customers, stakeholders, and regulators, which can be a significant competitive advantage

Strengthens regional economy

By investing in local manufacturing capabilities, equipment suppliers can contribute to the growth and development of the regional economy, creating job opportunities and supporting local businesses and experts. For example, a lot of the machining in our Melbourne (AU) facility is done by specialists with decades of experience in their field.  

Local manufacturing capabilities are essential for equipment suppliers who want to remain competitive in today's globalized economy. By reducing delivery times and shipping costs, offering greater customization options, and enhancing quality control, equipment suppliers can gain a significant competitive advantage. They can also increase their agility and responsiveness, reduce risk, improve their reputation, and achieve cost savings. These are all components of how we run our business here at MASCOT, with our local facility being able to service clients with tight deadlines and specialized control valve needs.

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